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Frequently Asked Questions

They are products which contain nutritional ingredients (vitamins, metals, minerals) in concentrated form or extracts from herbal products and contribute to the improvement and maintenance of the physiological functions of our body.

This depends on the organization, the needs we want to cover with their use or the symptoms that we want to tackle. They should cover our daily needs and always should take into account all medical history. All dietary supplements bearing on the packaging the instructions for use and contraindications.

All products of the NutraLead Line are safe, with exact instructions for use and contraindications and on each supplement is clearly written the EOF notification number..

Dietary supplements are consumed in a daily basis, according to the recommended dosage, for as long as needed, as indicated on the product packaging and in parallel with the doctor’s or pharmacist’s advice.

This depends on each organization and its needs. However, EOF has established the recommended daily dosage, which must be printed on each product, in order to be taken the necessary daily dosage.

The ingredients that are contained in the NutraLead slimming line of Vitorgan are documented, based on studies, how do they activate the metabolism and have antioxidant properties and are natural fat burners. However, they should be accompanied by a balanced diet and increasing physical activity..

They are synthetic preservatives used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries for bactericidal and fungicidal properties. According to studies, parabens can disrupt the hormonal balance of your body. Therefore, any product PharmaLead series does not contain parabens.

They are synthetic foaming agent which has been implicated in serious skin irritations and problems. It destroys the natural shield skin, causing allergic reactions to other toxins and allergens, peels and hardened skin. Therefore, any product PharmaLead series does not contain SLS & SLES

It comes from the oil and due to its composition creates a greasy layer on the skin trapping hydration under the skin and prevents from breathing, hydrating and creating new healthy cells. It is responsible for the appearance of blackheads, dehydration, photosensitivity (sensitivity to sun-freckles) and premature aging of the skin. Therefore, any product PharmaLead series does not contain mineral oil.

The whole PharmaLead line of Vitorgan is using for raw materials, herbal substances, organically friendly and dermatologically checked. For that reason, for every product, we run plenty of tests, in order to be 100% sure that our ingredients do not harm the human body.

Of course you can use them. All our products are dermatologically and cliniacally tested, with friendly to the skin pH and pleasant and discreet aroma.

PharmaLead Baby line includes products based on physical hydrated factors, smoothing and herbal ingredients, which fully respect your baby’ s skin. It is dermatologically and clinically tested, without alkalis, allergic and colourants. It is suggested from the 3th month and later.