1+1 Dietal + Vitamin C 550mg

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with L- Carnitine, CLA, Chromium & Green Tea
Strengthening metabolism & Stimulating the organization

Green appe flavour

Food supplement | No sugar added | Gluten | Lactose | Preservatives free

20 effervescent tablets


Enhanced formula for achieving the perfect silhouette and the natural boost of the body.
It contains L-Carnitine and CLA, ingredients known for their contribution to the normal function of the metabolic processes that aim to the energy’s production.
Moreover, it contains chromium, which helps to the metabolism of the ingredients and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.
The formula is completed with the adding of green tea extract, that contributes to the normal function of the metabolism and acai berry, a traditionally known antioxidant superfood.
It contains sweeteners. Preservatives free.


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