Arnica Kids Stick

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With arnica tincture & extractIntegrated into waxy emulsion


Relief and hydration


Proper for swellings and bruises

With discreet cocoa butter scent


Stick suitable for the relief of edema and swelling, caused by bangs, insect bites and kids skin irritations.

It offers instant treatment and hydration to the skin.

Unique formula with:

Arnica tincture & extract:

They contribute to instant treatment and relief from swellings, bruises and irritations. Also, they reduce the appearance of bruises.

Candelilla wax, Beeswax and Carnauba wax:

Natural waxes that hydrate the skin deeply, thanks to their strong hydrating properties.

Shea butter:

Rich in vitamins Α, Ε, F and Ω6 fatty acids, which nourish and hydrate the skin.

Vitamin E:

It offers rich skin hydration, contributes to the injury healing, reduces the skin aging and treats efficiently the harmful effect of the free radicals, thanks to its antioxidant action._Integrated water and glycerin:_They provide additional hydration to the skin, while helping to better absorption of the water soluble arnica on the skin._How to use: Apply the product with circular movements in the area you want to relieve. For external use only. Proper for kids three (3) years old and over.

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