Calendula Cream

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Calendula Cream with calendula extract and oil, geranium oil & lavender essential oil

Hydration and relief

Suitable for mild irritations of the dry & sensitive skin

Light scent



Cream suitable for the hydration and the relief of mild skin irritations and redness. It offers hydration to the dry and sensitive skin due to its rich ingredients that contains, while simultaneously soothes the skin in cases of irritations and redness. Suitable for after – shaving, as well as, for the sensitive and demanding baby’s skin.

Unique formula with:

Calendula extract:

Known for its healing properties.

Calendula oil:

Contains soothing, healing, emollient, and moisturizing properties.

Geranium oil:

Rich in toning properties and provides a pleasant scent.

Lavender’s essential oil:

With intense toning action while in parallel contributes to sleep’s facilitation.


Its hydrating properties are ideal action for the treatment of the dehydrated or irritated skin.