Hemostatic Cotton Wool

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Hemostatic cotton indicated for minor bleedings and nosebleeds. Thanks to AlgicareTM calcium alginate’s hemostatic and healing properties, it blocks bleeding and facilitates healing.


Content: 2g.

Medical device.

For external use only.

Keep out of reach of children, in a cool and dry place.


Sterile product with antimicrobial and antibacterial activity by radiation (Γ rays) that is suitable for small hemorrhages and nosebleeds. It is characterized by high absorbency which enables retention of a large amount of blood, blocks resistance as not to stick to the wound, facilitating healing and compact structure so not to be broken or dissolved. Totally friendly with the skin without the risk of side effects.

Drastical formula with:

Alginate calcium AlgicareTM: is a natural product from seaweed, with strong hemostatic effect, which prevents and stops small and medium bleeding and has strong healing action, facilitating and accelerating the wound healing process.