Stop Lice Spray

Eliminating the lice & its nits kills the eggs

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Pharmalead Stop Lice
Pharmalead 4Kids Care
Anti-lice & Nits topical non-toxic spray. Advanced and intergrated formula for eliminating the lice and its nits, it kills the eggs.
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How to Use

Intended Use: It suffocates the lice by blocking their respiratory tract.

Usage: Αpply the necessary amount of Stop lice Spray to dry hair and massage gently to cover evenly from the scalp to the hair tip. Do not forget the neck and the area behind the ears. Wait for 30 minutes, Then use special comb to remove lice, nits, eggs and wash your with Pharmalead Lice No More shampoo. In any event check the results after 8-10 days and repeat that application if necessary. Keep away from children. Store in dry place with temperature between 5-30°C.


Special comb including
Dermatologically tested
Medical Device

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