Calcium Alginate wound dressing 5×5

Sterille, without imperfections, highly absorbent
Ideal for minor bleeding, promote early healing, Suitable for minor injuries & superficial

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Additional Info

5pcs individual packaging

How to Use

Calcium alginate dressings are not indicated for surgical implantation, dry wounds and control of heavy bleeding. Also, patients with wound infection should change the dressing daily and use the product under the guidance of their physician. It does not apply in cases where surgical instruments must be used to stop bleeding. Wash the wound and dry the surrounding skin before use · As for the dressing, it covers over 2cm around the wound · The product can be applied to the wound for one week at the most.


•Without imperfections •Highly absorbent
•Ideal for minor bleeding
•Promote early healing
•Suitable for minor injuries & superficial wounds 5×5 cm

Suitable for

For external use only. Children may use it under adult supervision. This is a sealed and sterile product. If you find it damaged or unopened do not use it. Consult your doctor immediately for serious injuries, burns, redness or discomfort.

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